Ducks United

Ducks United

Well known for our classic 2CV, our goal is to introduce everyone to another kind of fun rent a car “THE ELECTRODUCKS”. We will be pioneering this, as there has never been an electric 2CV available for rent before.

Since the establishment of Ducks United in 2009, we have always contributed
to a better society by donating waterholes and money to local charities.

With people protesting against issues such as the oil platforms off the coast of Ibiza we all need to work together for a cleaner environment and therefore a cleaner Ibiza. So why not make history? And start up a project with classic recycled electrical 2CV’s?!

Our dream is to exchange one of our normal ducks every year and replace it with an electric Duck, building towards a sustainable future.

For more information about Ducks United, take a look at our website